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LArry Brudnicki and Other Authors

Here are Real World Management Strategies that Work by 12 of the top experts in one easy-to-read book.

If you want to....

  • Make the right decision every time
  • Motivate your employees to act as one cohesive team
  • Maximize benefits while minimizing results

Then, you need Real World Management Strategies That Work. This book is the perfect companion to Captain Larry Brudnicki’s talks; having every member of your team walk away with this volume reinforces key concepts, provides insight and inspiration from his work during The Perfect Storm, and ensures that talk gets translated into action.


Captain Brudnicki believes that great leaders are not risk takers, but risk managers. During some of the most extreme situations from the Exxon Valdez disaster to seizing a Chinese Vessel in the East China Sea, to countering drug smuggling operations, and providing for the safety of life, property and the environment during the America’s Cup, the Captain shows us how he used his successful 7-step process to manage the risk.

Each chapter of Real World Management Strategies That Work, written by a top expert, builds into a cohesive strategy covering essential topics from recruiting to leading to selling — all laced with real-world examples and practical applications.

Chapter One:
Jack Daly:
"Recruit Only the Best"

Chapter Two:
Gerry Layo:
"Attitude + Skills + Activity = Success"

Chapter Three:
Linda Brock-Nelson, M.B.A., Ph.D.:
"Harness the Power of Your Organization: Manage It!"

Chapter Four:
Francie Dalton:
"Metrics Based Management"

Chapter Five
Brenda Gayle Bryant:
"The Rule of Three"

Chapter Six
MJ (Mary) Harwood:
"A Brilliant Beginning: Your First Two Months Managing - 19 Calendar Imperatives"

Chapter Seven
Captain Larry Brudnicki:
"Managing Risk: 7 Steps to Making The Right Decision Every Time"

Chapter Eight
Deborah Raupp:
"Making Decisions Like a CEO: Aligned Decision Making in Your Organization"

Chapter Nine
Ava Diamond:
"Turning Potential into Performance: Creating a Culture of Success"

Chapter Ten:
Greg Maciolck:
"Stop Whing and Start Leading!"

Chapter Eleven
Christopher Malm:
"Supply Chain Management"

Chapter Twleve:
Debbie Christofferson, CISSP, CISM:
"Cyber Security Management Guide for Any Size Business and Budget"


LArry Brudnicki and Other Authors

ISBN: 1-885640-69-2

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